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Let’s be honest, there’s regular adventures, and then there’s Adventures with Attitude. This is what you need to be wearing if you’re smashing out your Adventures with Attitude.

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Product Description

Let’s be honest, there’s regular adventures, and then there’s adventures with attitude. This sexy as hell Tshirt basically celebrates Adventure with Attitude. Because it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it. And, of course, what you’re wearing at the time. And you should probably be wearing one of these.

This custom design ‘candy skull’ was created by Sam at Swashbuckler HQ and features a bunch of adventure icons. So it doesn’t just look awesome, it also happens to represent at least some of what a great adventure is all about. It also doubles as one of those ‘How many things can you spot in this picture’ type things. How many can you spot by the way? We’ll get you started: there’s hiking boots… a plane…

Anyway, the Burgundy and Charcoal Ts are printed in black because we wanted them to be kind of subtle. It’s actually not easy to show in these photos, but it looks pretty rad. (If you buy one, and don’t agree, just send it back. We’re good like that) It’s actually slightly shiny ink. We call it ‘disco ink’. Because, you know, disco. The black one has perfectly regular white ink. No disco. And they’re all perfect for having an Adventure with Attitude.

Tshirt Specs:

  • BURGUNDY: 180 GSM 100% cotton
  • CHARCOAL 180 GSM  85% cotton/15% polyester
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape
  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • BLACK: 100% Ring Spun Cotton (With tear-away label. So you can, ah, tear it away.)

Fit: Men’s/Unisex

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Burgundy, Charcoal, Black

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