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One time when Chief Swashbuckler was in Bali, he got talked into going to a silver jewelry making lesson. He was, not unsurprisingly, completely and utterly crap at it, but he did manage to bash out what became the prototype for this particular pendant.

Lucky for you, he doesn’t make them now, instead we have an amazing local jeweler create them right here in our home town in South Australia.

These pendants are double sided, and made from fully genuine and legit, top quality 925 Stirling Silver just like all the fancy jewelry places use. They have an intentionally distressed finish so if you buy one, which you totally should, don’t go complaining yours isn’t all fancy and shiny. They’re supposed to be like that.

The pendant itself measures 20mm across and comes on a quality, German made, adjustable, round leather cord. We had no idea the German’s were famous for their round leather, but Susi our jeweler assures us it’s “the top notch stuff”. Thanks Susi.

You could take it off that and put it on your own neck chain, or wear it as a pendant on a bracelet. (Which is how Chief Swashbuckler Sputnik wears his.)

They come delivered in a cool little ‘we’re all rustic and earthy’ jute burlap hessian drawstring pouch that could potentially be re-used as, ah, something else if you have an amazing imagination.

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