Swashbuckling Projects

Lounge Streets

We celebrate the lost, the discarded, the no longer wanted or loved. We salute the fallen. The pieces of lounge furniture that have served their purpose, providing many bottoms a place to sit, and now find themselves on the streets. Once a cherished part of the family and now… gone.



This page is dedicated to runners everywhere – not just those who who run really far or really fast. And it’s about realising running isn’t really just about running, it’s about life. It’s about starting, doing and finishing. About improving yourself and being the best ‘you’ you can be, one step at a time. And remembering to enjoy the views, the experiences and yourself along the way.


The Happiness Challenge

The Happiness Challenge is a 30 day challenge that might just change the way you look at life and with a little bit of luck, and effort, increase your happiness by up to 37.4%.


Running Away from Dinosaurs

The Swashbuckler’s Guide to Running Away from Dinosaurs is a light hearted look at the kinds of things that might come in handy if you are, or want to be, a runner. Because even if you don’t necessarily need to run to survive, running really can be quite fun and even handy.


Job Hunting

Having released our book ‘The Swashbuckler’s Guide to Becoming an Astronaut we share a few more tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts of job hunting – not to mention hot job leads!.

Book Preview

Job Hunter’s Boot Camp

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Mission Amazing

Mission Amazing is a collection of thoughts and ideas to help make your life even more amazing. We can’t say exactly how much more amazing, but most likely somewhere between ‘a little bit’ and ‘really quite a lot’.

Mission Amazing