Bali Waterfall Adventure


NEXT TOUR:  Available on request courtesy of our friends at Bali Sambangan Trekking.

The best Waterfall Adventure in Bali. With the best guide.

Bali has many beautiful waterfalls, but this is the best place to have an awesome adventure where you can not only swim, but also jump and slide in the waterfalls. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful place to take a swim, or a way to get your adrenaline pumping, this is it. There’s a few different jumps ranging from “not too bad” to “holy shit”, so choose your jump, take a deep breath… and have fun.

This tour has options for short, medium and long trekking.

Contact us for more info or book directly with Gede here.

GedeProfileSambanganTrekkingMeet your host, Gede.

Gede is the founder of Bali Sambangan Trekking and he and his brother Douglas are the only official guides we use here at the Swashbucklers Club for our Waterfall Adventure tours. Sadly, Douglas passed away in 2015 and now his brother is the head guide. Gede speaks great English and is an awesome guide. When you use a guide like Gede, you’re not just going to have an amazing time, and be in good hands, you’re going to be directly helping Gede and his family.

The gear list is a constant work in progress but here’s most of what you will need to know:

  • Comfortable shoes for trekking. (the walk to the waterfall includes uneven and sometimes slippery surfaces and some stairs.)
  • Sunscreen/Hat
  • Waterproof camera if you have one.
  • Your sense of adventure.
  • Bathers and a towel/change of clothes if you want dry clothes after swimming.
  • Plastic sandwich/zip-lock bags. If you plan on carrying something that needs to stay dry, (like a phone, camera etc) make sure it’s in a bag. Even if it doesn’t rain, it can be warm/humid enough for things to get damp so a dry bag is the best idea.

Waterfall Adventure Cost.

Tour includes:

  • Trekking
  • Jumping, swimming and sliding in waterfalls
  • Entrance fee
  • PFD/Life Jacket
  • Drinking water + Fresh coconut water
  • Donation to local village
  • Local, English speaking host


Short Trekking (1.5-2hrs): USD$15 per person.

Medium Trekking (3-4hrs): USD $25 per person. (Also includes local lunch.)

Long Trekking (5-6hours): USD$33 per person. (Also includes local lunch.)

NOTE: Does not include transport.


Does not include:


Drinks at ANY meal

Flights – to be arranged at your own expense.

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