‘Dream Big Go Far’ ioMerino HeadThing


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This premium quality Australian Merino HeadThing will be your new favorite thing. Probably.

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If you’re in the know, you’ll already know what a ‘HeadTube’ or ‘NeckTube’ is. Because it’s basically a tube that you can wear around your head or neck. Or possibly elsewhere but let’s not go there.

We called ours a ‘HeadThing’ cause that’s just how we roll. And technically, it’s a multi-purpose head thing that you can wear all kinds of ways, for all sorts of reasons. You can wear them around your neck, around your head or over your face in all sorts of weather conditions.

This one’s made out of superfine Australian Merino wool which makes it brilliant to keep you warm when it’s cold. But because it’s naturally thermo-regulating and breathable you can also wear it when it’s warm out too. You can literally wear this in all kinds of weather conditions. Here at Swashbucklers HQ we’ve been known to wear them bandana-style to keep the sweat out of our eyes when we’re on the go in warm weather, or beanie-style in the snow to keep our head and ears warm. We hate cold ears. A lot.

We’re sure there’s plenty more ways to wear them. You could even do the whole “Arrrr… I’m a pirate!” thing if you like. If you invent a new way to wear one, please send us a pic.

These are made for us by our friends at ioMerino and we love them a lot. (The HeadThings and the guys at ioMerino.) So they’re not the cheap crappy ones. They’re the bee’s knees*. So comfortable you’ll probably never want to take it off.

Ours are printed with the kinds of messages that will make you seem way more adventurous and inspirational than you probably really are. “Dream Big. Aim High. Go Far.” is printed across the top, and our trademark “Ordinary is my Enemy” is across the bottom just to mix things up a bit. Whack one on and get out there and do epic shit. Do us proud.

(There is an ioMerino logo printed on the back. Unless you wear it the wrong way around, in which case it will be on the front.)

*No bees, or their knees, were used or harmed in making these.

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